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Офісні Меблі
Офісні Кабінетні Меблі Керівників

HI-TECH DUE Офісні Меблі Для Керівника

HI-TECH DUE Modern Executive Office Furniture is characterized by an accurate care for aesthetic and technical quality, a top attention to constructive details and an extreme care when it comes to choosing materials, finishings and matchings.
The collection envisions a future where living and working seamlessly intertwine, driven by innovation, distinctive design, premium materials, versatile functionalities, and practicality.
HI-TECH Modern Executive Office Furniture

is a collection, designed to fully meet the needs of the new workplace environments, with a complete range of furniture for executive offices, meeting rooms and home offices.
The collection includes tables and containers, available in a wide range of materials, sizes, combinations and finishes.
Modern Executive Office Furniture

Desk Legs
The design of legs draws inspiration from the intricate, web-like patterns found in contemporary architecture, embodying their airy elegance and structural ingenuity in a striking and refined aesthetic.
The metal parts, made of thick iron, evoke the classical elements of wrought iron, replicating the craftsmen’s care for details, but with a design and an aesthetic image which are re-interpreted with modern eyes.
Shaped legs realised with full steel beams, section 50x15 mm.

Writing tops with Aluminium L-shaped Profile

Writing tops with Shaped Edges

Tops with Aluminium Profile
Used on Rectangular tables only.
The vertical side of this profile is 40 mm, the horizontal side is 50 mm, thickness 5 mm.
Desk Legs and Aluminium L-shaped Profile are available in the following finishings:

Tops with Shaped Edges
Used on Oval, Round or Rectangular tables.
Opaque lacquered under-top MDF panel has the same color as metal legs.

Tables with Glass Top


Tables with Melamine Top


Tables with Wood Veneer Top

HT200 Hi-Tech Стiл | з Білими металевими ногами, з мобільною Тумбою 180х90х53 см
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Desk with White Glass, Corten Sablé Legs and Profile
Итальянский Письменный Стол Руководителя ...
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