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Millennium Top - 605

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Millennium Millennium
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Millennium Кожа кат.6
Цена : 1 233,- €
Made in: Italy
Ширина: 68 cm
Глубина: 69 сm
Высота: 123 - 132 cm
Вес: 26 kg
Объем: 0,43 m3
Срок поставки ( недели ): 4-5

• The shell ismade of shaped beech ply-wood and the padding is filled with contoured polyurethane foams with differentiated densities.
• The armrests have an aluminiumframe, either polished or black.
There are three types of finish for the top: polyurethane, wood or upholstered.
In the closed and upholstered version, the armrests have a steelmain frame and side panelling in beech plywood.
• Both themovements of the armchair, synchro and knee-tilt, are obtained by usingmultiblockmechanisms with several locking positions, fine tilting adjustment
and anti-return safety system.
• The seat height adjustment is achieved by a gas pump.
• The 5-star base ismade of polished or black painted aluminium.
• The dual-wheel self braking castors are in reinforced nylon for soft floor or with
polyurethane tread for hard floor. The fixed glides are in reinforced nylon.
• The sled base ismade of chrome-plated or black painted elliptical tubular steel.

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Кожа кат.6  - Millennium

Кожа кат.6

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