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Кожаное Офисное Кресло GINZA 740

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Ginza 740
Ginza 740 Ginza 740, Ginza 741 Ginza 740 Кожаное Офисное Кресло GINZA Кожаное Офисное Кресло GINZA
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Made in: Italy
Ширина: 68 cm
Глубина: 70 сm
Высота: 107/93 - 115/99 cm
Срок поставки ( недели ): 4-6
Итальянское Кожаное VIP Офисное Кресло GINZA.

GINZA a series includes executive and conference
armchairs with a 5 star swivel base on caster, and
chairs with or without arms with two legs and two
casters inserted on the back. The back frame is in
tubular steel covered by polyurethane foam sheet
and then covered by saddle leather. The curved steel
plate arms are covered with a polyurethane foam
sheet and then covered by saddle leather. The seat
has a tubular steel frame embedded in cold formed
polyurethane; the cushion of the back is made by a
cold formed polyurethane. The 5 star swivel base on
caster is in polished aluminium.

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