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Oval Black Glass Meeting Table
Oval Black Glass Meeting Table
HT2 Размеры овального стола, cm
Стеклянная столешница
Ціна : 4 399,- €
Ціна без ПДВ : 3 636,- €
ПДВ:21 %
Знижка:18 %
Первоначальная цена с НДС:5 365,- €
Первоначальная цена без НДС:4 434,- €
Зберегти до: 966 eur
Ціни без ПДВ: EU VAT
Made in: Italy
Довжина: 200 cm
Ширина: 105 cm
Висота: 72 cm
Час доставки (тиждень): 8 - 9
Умови дійсні для: EU
Доставка до Європи, за межами ЄС - CH;LI;NO;UK: 65 eur

Oval Black Polished Glass Meeting Table with rounded edges softening the silhouette, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and harmony.
Oval Meeting Tables are
feature with Chromed Metal Legs and Polished Glass Worktop.
Oval Glass Meeting Tables is a desks collection with a strong aesthetic impact, where the richness of the work tops and the preciousness of the finishing underline the managerial nature of the product.

Desk Legs

The metal parts, made of thick iron, evoke the classical elements of wrought iron, replicating the craftsmen’s care for details, but with a design and an aesthetic image which are re-interpreted with modern eyes.
The design of legs and underneath extensions takes inspiration from the net-like structures which are typical of modern architecture, adopting their lightness and structural efficacy, in a surprising and sophisticated design.
Shaped legs realised with full steel beams, section 50x15 mm.
Writing Tops with Shaped Edges

MDF panel 30 mm. thick with smoothed edges, covered on the upper face by a back painted tempered glass 10 mm. thick, for a total thickness of 40 mm.
Polish or satin finish surface.
Opaque lacquered under-top MDF panel.

- Oval Meeting Table with Chromed legs and Shaped edges

- Desk Dimension: 200x105x72 cm.
- Desk Top Finishing: Black Polished Glass.
Additional Options:
- Desk Dimensions are available, cm: 200x105x72; 250x105x72.
- Desk Top Finishing:

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