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BUSINESS DUE Офисная Мебель Руководителя B2

Офисная Мебель Для Руководителя B2 - модульная система итальянской мебели для руководителя.
Элементы Офисной Мебели Руководителя B2 были разработаны для облегчения и поощрения  совместной работы в условиях, где царят свобода и творчество.
Благодаря своей модульности, дизайну и материалам исполнения, Офисная Мебель B2 является наиболее продвинутой, идущей в ногу со временем, современной линией офисной мебели для руководителя.
Столешницы директорского стола B2 производятся в 2-х вариантах:
- из МДФ толщиной 30 мм, покрытой 3D пленкой;
- из закаленного стекла толщиной 12 мм с сатиновым эффектом и блестящими плоскими краями.
Офісні меблі BUSINESS DUE Loft Executive випромінюють неповторний шарм і відображають оригінальні ідеї стилів лофт і хай-тек.Це модульна лінійка офісних меблів для представництва, яка була розроблена для полегшення та сприяння командній роботі, де навички поєднуються в атмосфері свободи та елегантності.Завдяки своїй модульності, матеріалам і дизайну B2 є найновішою, сучасною лінійкою меблів.

BUSINESS DUE Loft Executive Office Furniture exudes a unique charm and reflects the original ideas of loft and high-tech styles.
It's a modular executive line of office furniture which has been designed to facilitate and promote teamwork, where skills come together in an atmosphere of freedom and elegance.

Thanks to its modularity, materials and design, B2 is the most up-to-date, contemporary line of furniture.
Loft Executive Office Furniture


The Furniture is Extraordinary in Every Aspect
BUSINESS DUE Executive Office Furniture embodies its own unique style and stands out in every aspect, from its design and individual details to the combination of materials and colors.

The B2 series is characterized by fully painted conical supports with leveling feet, which are featured in desks, conference tables, side tables, cabinets, and pedestals.

Fully painted conical supports with leveling feet


Office Desk with White Top and White Legs

Futuristic Design with Minimalism in Mind

Total white creates brightness and lightness.

Desk design has become more elegant, airy and uncluttered in terms of color choices.

A key feature of the BUSINESS DUO furniture series is the unified color painting of tabletop and supports.
The desk can also be complemented with a front panel.
It is not a structural component but serves a decorative and protective function.


Desk With Tempered Glass Top

Top made from tempered glass with a satin effect, 12mm thick, with lipped shiny flat edges, available in the colours BLACK or EXTRA WHITE.

Desk With Black Tempered Glass Top


A hatch with for connecting a laptop and charging a phone

Top Access

A hatch with a built-in damper for connecting a laptop and charging a phone.


Mobile Storage Cabinets

The advantage of mobile storage cabinets is that they can be easily moved from one place to another, which is not possible with a static ones.
Pedestals and service units are fitted with pirouetting nylon wheels covered in rubber with a chromed side finish and a stabilizer brake for the front wheels.

The opening is no handle because the drawers and doors are equipped with push-open system.
It enables opening doors and drawers by pressing on the facades.

Doors complete with a soft-closing cushioning system.
Mobile storage cabinets are fitted with a upper drawer that includes compartments for I-PAD and mobile phones.

Mobile Desk Pedestal


Black & White Modular Units
Modular cabinets are made up of the following elements:
modular units with doors or drawers, adjustable base, finishing top, finishing side panels.
These elements allow for assembling structures of various sizes.
Modular units are available in the colours: Black and White.
The base is fitted with levelling feet.
The top, final side panels and the doors are available in the colours:Pacific Walnut, Black and White.
The doors are fitted with push-open system and soft-closing cushioning system.


  Black Modular Units


Meeting Tables
These desks are highly spacious and convenient for meetings where a laptop or projector needs to be connected for presentation purposes.
Each desk's surface is equipped with two built-in flaps - standard or universal - providing access to sockets (3 SCHUKO sockets + 2 USB + HDMI) and a 200 cm power cable.
All cables are neatly concealed under the desk in a cable channel installed between the cone-shaped supports, covered by removable panels on both sides.





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