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MB201 Конференц Стiл з Дерев'яною стільницею

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White Conference Table
White Conference TableMB201 Конференц СтiлMB201 Конференц СтiлMB201 Конференц Стiл
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Дерев'яна стільниця
Ціна : 1 433 €
Ціна без ПДВ : 1 184 €
ПДВ:21 %
Материал: MDF, 3D Foil
Ціни без ПДВ: EU VAT
Made in: Italy
Довжина: 200 cm
Ширина: 120 cm
Висота: 74 cm
Вага: 96 кг
Час доставки (тиждень): 5 - 6
Умови дійсні для: EU
Доставка в межах ЄС - зона 1 (AT;CZ;DE;IT): 0.01 eur
Доставка в межах ЄС - зона 2 (BE;FR;LU;NL;PL;SI;SK): 40 eur
Доставка в межах ЄС - зона 3 (BG;DK;EE;ES;HR;HU;LT;LV;RO): 60 eur
Доставка в межах ЄС - зона 4 (EL;FI;IE;PT;SE): 80 eur
Доставка до Європи, за межами ЄС - CH;LI;NO;UK: 99 eur

MB201 Contemporary White Meeting Table combines aesthetic appeal and inspirational design in a sleek package. It caters to individuals who are constantly pushing boundaries and staying one step ahead of their time.
With its lightweight metal structures, incorporation of cutting-edge technology, focus on functionality, and precise geometric forms, the MB201 White Meeting Table is the perfect choice for team collaboration.
Total thickness of the work top 30mm, made from an MDF wooden fibre panel covered with 3d-foil, available in the colours: Pacific Walnut, Black and White
Supporting legs are made from a 1,5 mm thick coned tube, available in Black or White painted and Shiny Chromed versions.
Legs have die-cast leveling feet in metal alloy to match the leg, with a regulation of 20mm.
- White Meeting table 200x120x74 cm with White painted cone-shaped metal legs
- M3 meeting chairs (4 pcs) with the same White colour of shell and 4 legs.
 Additional Options:
- 3 Wood Finishes for wood panels: Pacific Walnut, Black and White.
- 3 versons for supporting legs: Black, White and Shiny Chromed Version.
- 4 colours for M3 meeting chairs: Black, White, Antracite and Powder Pink.
- The comfort of the M3 seat can be improved by the choice of the cushion in the appropriate colour.

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