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Современные Конференц Столы

BUSINESS DUE Modern Meeting Tables are distinguished by a modern minimalist style, convenience, and simplicity.
According to your preferences, a Modern Meeting Table can be selected from the BUSINESS DUE Executive Office Furniture series.
The work tops are available in the colours: Pacific Walnut, Black and White.
Loft Style Meeting Table

White Glass Top Conference Table

Timeless Design That Seamlessly Fits Into Loft Interiors and Hi-Tech Environments.

The modern collection of meeting tables is a blend of beauty and inspiration in a concise execution: lightweight glass and metal structures, utilization of technological innovations, emphasis on functionality, and geometric design.

The glass tabletop is made of impact-resistant tempered glass, 12mm thick, in Black or Extra White color with a matte effect and curved edges.

Elegant and Refined Design

The BUSINESS DUE conference tables are distinguished by a modern minimalist style, convenience, and simplicity.

The refined and exquisite design, with carefully considered proportions and innovative solutions, gives the structures a light and almost weightless appearance while remaining fully self-sufficient.

In the B2 furniture range, every detail, even the decorative ones, serves a functional purpose.

The stylish table with comfortable chairs provide everything needed for successful and comfortable meetings.

Minimalist Design Glass Conference Tables
White Meeting Table with White Metal Legs

Models of B2 Conference Tables

The negotiating table is a symbol of mutual understanding and an important attribute of business, emphasizing the status of the company.

Therefore, choosing the right model of the negotiating table is very relevant.

Stylish, modern, beautiful and comfortable meeting tables of B2 series are presented in several versions - with a wooden or glass top with a diameter of 120 cm and rectangular lengths of 200 cm, 2800 cm, 320 cm and 380 cm.

The tables are suitable for internal meetings of the company, as a desktop for teamwork, as well as negotiations and conferences of various sizes.

The Furniture is Extraordinary in Every Aspect
BUSINESS DUE Executive Office Furniture embodies its own unique style and stands out in every aspect, from its design and individual details to the combination of materials and colors.

Supporting legs are made from a 1,5 mm thick cone-shaped metal tube, available in Black or White painted and Shiny Chromed versions.

Legs have die-cast leveling feet in metal alloy to match the leg, with a regulation of 20mm.

Fully painted conical supports with leveling feet

Central cable route element with movable panels

These desks are highly spacious and convenient for meetings where a notebook or projector needs to be connected for presentation purposes.
Surface of some
desks is equipped with two built-in flaps-standard or universal-providing access to sockets (3 SCHUKO sockets + 2 USB + HDMI) and a 200 cm power cable.
All cables are neatly concealed under the desk in a cable channel installed between the cone-shaped supports, covered by removable panels on both sides.

White Glass Top Meeting Table
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White Conference Table
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